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What geographical areas does Custom Canine serve?  

Custom Canine strives to meet the training needs of every client.  Our house call services travel to the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania areas.  In-kennel services can also be arranged for clients out of the New Jersey area.  Please contact us for further information about your particular location.   

What is the right age to start training? 

Training should start as soon as you bring your new puppy into the home.  Creating good habits, from the beginning, will make a world of difference when your puppy becomes an adult. A puppy consult helps pet owners create these good habits for the new addition to their family.  Puppy consults can be scheduled as soon as your furry friend enters your home. 

Custom CanineĎ® and Off Leash Training Programs prefer students to be 6 months old and up to maximize the results of the training.  

Will I be able to handle my dog as well as the trainers? 

The Custom Canine curriculums are designed to not only train your animals, but also you.  Our program allows you to move at your own pace, while becoming a more confident and competent handler at the same time. 

What are the accepted methods of payment? 

At this time Custom Canine accepts only cash or check. 

I want to become a dog trainer, do you accept apprentices? 

Please contact us to see if there are presently any openings in our program.