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Think you are taking the best           care of your pet possible? Think again!!!

                        Proper mental and physical health is vital for successful training of our canine friends.  There are many variables we can control which have an immediate impact on the quality of life for our pets.  Custom Canine consults outline, in detail, how to regulate these variables and provide your animal with a happy and long life.     

    - A poor quality food which is made of mostly fillers could cause a loose stool. This set back would of course complicate housebreaking.
    - Studies prove that poor sources of protein have been linked to aggression in humans and dogs. Using a high quality food when trying to rehabilitate an aggressive animal is a good start to success.
    - Just like humans, proper oral care can add several years to the life expectancy of dogs.
Click the links below to help improve your animal's health and your knowledge today!
    - First aspect of the dog's health we need to examine is the diet. To watch an educational video about high quality holistic dog food. Click HERE
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