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            Custom Canine prides itself on ⩮ging out the best in every dog.p; Custom Canine is able to achieve this type of success by following the Foundation Dog Training system.  The strategy is rooted in the concepts of knowledge, respect, and patience.  These three practices mold the proper attitude to prepare anyone to start effective and responsible training.  Knowledge of canine culture, body language, and behavior are essential.  If we don൮derstand the animal how can we begin to help them? Respect of all living creatures is an innate duty of all humans.  Patience is the final variable in the equation to starting effective training.  These three concepts lay the groundwork of our hands on approach.

           The program begins with something we call the 㳥ssment phase殢sp; During this period we conduct an educational consult.  This consult serves as a starting point for Custom Canine to understand what we are working with.  The consult provides the client with an immediate understanding of why their animal is behaving the way it is and a game plan of how we are going to change things. 

            Next, we move into the 塣hing phase殢sp; During this time we are primarily practicing positive reinforcement.  Whether the motivation is treats or affection, we start to develop a bond with the animal.  Additionally, we start to educate them on what we are asking them to do. 

            Then, we progress to the 桬uating phase殢sp;  During this time we begin to see how well the animal understands the lessons from the 塣hing phase殢sp; Unlike the previous stage, this period will introduce the use of gentle corrections to clarify to the animal which behavior is undesired.   

Last, we have the ⯯fing phase殢sp; During this time we begin increasing the levels of distraction to examine how well the animals understand the training they acquired from the 塣hing and testing phases殢sp; This level will create reliable and consistent training in even the most unstable and unpredictable environments.