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Remembering back on the first night that Earl arrived at our house is quite embarrassing.  He came to meet with my husband and me to discuss what we had been doing with the dogs and to see how they behaved without any interruption.  I have to be honest; I was surprised at Earl?nfidence in stating that we would be able to correct the problems as two Boxers were jumping off of him, front and back.  We went inside and sat down together and began to understand some things that made perfect sense when explained to us by a professional.  Earl was able to put our minds at ease and reassure us that our problems were fixable.  His realistic approach was a relief.  The following week we began our training.  Most of the fixing had to be done to my husband and me before anything would change with the dogs.  It was amazing to see how quickly a few adjustments could make such a big difference in the behavior of our dogs.  Before long, they were responding to basic commands and after a few weeks, they even allowed people to enter our house without jumping and scratching at them in total excitement.

The most important thing I think we learned was to stay consistent and predictable.  This is not to say that our dogs were changed overnight, or that the lessons that we learned from Earl were immediately seen.  But with some dedication and effort every day, we did see continuous progress.  Earl made the training fun and positive and was sure to encourage all that we were doing correctly.  He set goals for us that were within our reach and we were happy to see the difference in our dogs?avior on the days of Earl?rival.  Our dogs are by no means perfect, but they are much more manageable and enjoyable to be around.  With Earl?ique yet sensible approach to dog obedience, I am certain that any dog owner will be able to find success with this training.


                                                                                  Suzanne and Jeff Lenzble


For years, my husband Brian and I talked about getting some training for our rescued American bulldog, Mick. While he was great with us and people he knew, he didn?act very well to strangers or even kids playing in the street. And if the doorbell rang, forget about it. He went nuts!! Running and barking throughout the house and jumping at the door. We would walk him early in the morning when nobody was around and we thought it was fine to put him in the backyard or in his room when friends and family would come to visit. As many owners think, we felt that our dog wasn??dog襠was just easily distracted and excitable. But at 75lbs, he was quite a handful to get under control.

          We found Earl online and had a quick phone conversation before booking him for the in-home consultation. We were very impressed and, after we found out I was pregnant, we wanted Earl to help us prepare for our son?rival.

          On the first visit, Mick went after Earl. Even though Earl was wearing all of his protective gear and knew that it was coming, I had never seen anything like it. But Earl said that it was all part of the plan. And by the end of the session, sure enough, Mick was sitting right at Earl?et. Together, Earl, Brian and I developed a customized plan based on our timeframe and desired results. Earl?tience with us and ability to connect with Mick was amazing! I couldn?lieve the progress we were making so quickly! The results were so dramatic that Brian and I kept setting our goals higher and higher. Now, don?t me wrong襲e was lots of practice for us and Earl made sure that our commands were ALWAYS consistent. But it was all worth it!

         Our son, Aidan, arrived a month ahead of schedule and Earl really showed his dedication. He even came to our house the day we brought Aidan home from the hospital to help us introduce him to Mick. Within 2 short months of our first session, we were able to have family, friends, and even total strangers (contractors) in the house while Mick stayed on his ?e?anks to Earl?rsonal touch and customized approach, we were able to stay one big happy family. Aidan and Mick are already best friends.