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  Custom Canine is dedicated to serving the needs of their clients. We understand that our clients have a variety of both financial and time constraints. We try and provide an option for every individual and will even make custom arrangements to suit your situation if need be. Every option of training requires an initial consult to properly assess the unique case. 

 House Calls

 Presently, Custom Canine is primarily offering house call services to the NY, NJ, CT, and PA areas. House call services entail our trainer traveling to you, and providing instruction in the privacy of your own home. House call services provide a personalized experience between the client and trainer. This affordable option allows people to work at their own pace. The trainer will instruct clients on the proper techniques outlined in their customized curriculum. The commands being offered include: leash manners, attention to name, climb, sit, down, place, come, heel, leave it, ok, and free. All of these commands have a built in stay, however we don?e the word stay. The commands have a beginning and end so there is no need to teach an extra command. All of the above commands will be effective and reliable, even under heavy distractions. Training sessions can range from a single session to package deals. The average session is 60 minutes.

           Anyone interested in pursuing training of any type requires an initial consult to properly assess the unique case. After the initial consult is completed Custom Canine will outline the suggested curriculum for your situation. No matter what your needs for training, Custom Canine can provide a solution.

Group Sessions

           Group sessions are reserved for personal protection and puppy socialization classes. Custom Canine and K9-1 Specialized Dog Training team up to provide the ultimate group training experiences. The group sessions provide multiple trainers to instruct clients with the specific lesson, therefore still providing a personalized experience. Presently, all group classes are being offered at K9-1?aining facility in Peekskill, NY.

 Personal Protection

             If you are looking for realistic and responsible protection training then search no more. This service separates itself from all other protection programs in the country. If you simply desire sport or show caliber training, then you are in the wrong place.

            Our team reserves the right to determine which dogs and owners will be suitable for the training program. Before beginning training all dogs are first tested for a stable disposition. Chosen dogs will not show signs of nervousness, unnecessary aggression, or shyness. In order to maintain our stringent levels of quality, dogs and owners will need to display confidence, intelligence, stability and drive. Dogs should be able to be pet by strangers, brought to the groomer, and interact as a normal family pet. Aggression shall only be displayed when the protect command is given or if the dog or owner is faced with a direct threat. Protection classes require completing the advanced on and off leash obedience curriculum first. These classes provide an environment to safely practice techniques to develop your pet?tural abilities.

Click the links below to see samples of proper protection training.   


Puppy School

            Puppy class is a vital component to the proper development of all puppies. Currently, puppy classes are being offered free by the nonprofit foundation Fido!!! This class provides a safe environment to properly socialize your pet and build polite manners for the rest of their lives. The puppy class curriculum includes beginning obedience, healthcare, nutrition, puppy manors, socialization, housebreaking, and tips on preventing future problems such as aggression and anxiety. All puppies up to the age of six months are welcome with the proper health documentation.

Click the link below to see a sample of puppy school training.